Techie Tuesday – How to emboss Texture Paste

Until a few weeks ago I was of the belief I couldn’t use Embossing Powders with Texture Paste and a Heat Tool….and then Kaszazz released some new Make & Take Projects (MT611 & MT612) and I’ve seen the light! It can be done, it has been done and better yet, it looks amazing!


Now you’re asking, “Well? How do I do it?” Would you believe me if I said it was super quick and easy? You will need your Texture Paste, chosen Embossing Powder, Spatula and Stencil to use over your preferred Card or Paper Stock. Oh and a Heat Tool, which does come in handy. You may find it useful to have a small brush handy to brush away excess Embossing Powder.

  1. Place your Stencil over your Card or Paper you wish to decorate. I tape the edges to my non stick craft mat with washi tape, as I’m a little too un-co to not move my stencil.
  2. Use your Spatula to apply a thin layer of Texture Paste over your Stencil. Depending on your desired result you can either ensure it is all smooth, or leave it rough and uneven at this stage.
  3. Remove your Stencil before sprinkling your chosen Embossing Powder over the Texture Paste. I haven’t used my Static Puff Away Pillow prior to this step as I’m not sure I’ve needed it. Once coated, shake off excess Powder and use your small brush to brush off any remaining Powder from your base.
  4. Pre heat your Heat Tool for 10-20 seconds prior to slowly moving to and fro over your Texture Paste from a little more distance than you would usually use. It is normal for the Texture Paste to ‘bubble’ as it’s heated. You can apply a light pressure while it’s still warm if you’d prefer a ‘flat’ look. I leave mine to settle on it’s own…part of the appeal.IMG_3383 (2)

And you’re done! Told you it was super easy! How’d you go? What do you think of this Technique?

I’ve used it now not just for my Samples of the Make & Takes, but to add a finishing ‘metallic’ touch to a friend’s Birthday Card. I do love the way the Bronze Embossing Powder looks once heated.IMG_3379 (2)

Would love to see your own version of this Technique if you’d like to share an image…or more, in the Comments.

Till Next Time!! xx




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