Embossed Bendy Card

Have you ever had a project you’ve started, then lost the ‘oomph’ to finish it? Nothing you come up with seems to work, or appeal?

This is what I’ve been battling for the last few weeks. One of my closest friend’s turns 40 next week, so I wanted a card that was ‘more’ than the average card. I mean, you reach 40, it’s worth making a little more noise right?

With his birthday next week, I was starting to feel a little pressure to come up with a way to finish off the original card. Nothing. Then last night, while I was doing some colouring in, inspiration struck. YAY!!

IMG_3374 (2)

This Bendy Card (inspired by Kaszazz Workshop 2H1760 by Catherine Breddels) yelled out at me last night to make it. The SB Paper on the backing board is now retired, I was waiting for the ‘right’ time to use it. Last night seemed to be the right time.

Not wanting to be OTT, I thought a little Embossing would be enough to add that bit of wow. Plus my range of ‘male’ embellishments is a little lacking. The Man has given the thumbs up, so I’m thinking this is enough.

Only one thing left to do, make instructions so his wife can assemble it. Ready to roll and celebrate!

Till Next Time!! xx


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