The next step forward

I’ve done it, taken the next step/leap forward on my personal Kaszazz journey. It’s been a move that’s been in discussion for the last few weeks, but from today I’ve actually taken a deep breath and…jumped.

I’ve launched my Facebook Party idea to share my cards and boxes with the world from the comfort of my lounge. I know Facebook Online Parties aren’t new, the concept has been around for a few years now, but where my Manager’s Team is concerned, I’ll be the first Consultant to do one with items made using Kaszazz products. eeeeeeek!!

online party invite pic

Now it’s very, very clear in the Consultant’s Manual that there is to be no online selling of products themselves. And I’m great with that! Gives all of us the same opportunities. It also keeps us Consultants in business truth be told. So I’m in the middle of planning, making, photographing, describing and scripting everything I’ll need for my Launch of CraftyCAN’s Greetings & Gifts Facebook Party. And researching a few other points while I’m at it!! Just a little on the hectic/cramming side!

So….if I can’t sell product, what am I selling?

Great question!! I’m offering a variety of Cards and Gift Boxes/Bags for my family, friends and their friends. This includes Birthday Cards, Condolence/Sympathy Cards (we all need them sooner or later), Little Boxes, Fold Over Gift Bags, Box Cards, Special Occasion Cards and more.

If you’re available I’d love for you to join me…just click on the above link and you can share in the thrills, sheer fear and trepidation (oh that’s just me…phew) fun, games and prizes.

Any suggestions you have between now and then too would be greatly appreciated! Really greatly appreciated!!

In the meantime, I’m off to make more mess!!

Till next time! xx


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