Techie Tuesday #2

I’ve just spent a little time with The Man deciding which Technique I’m going to share with you today as I don’t want to give too much away before this coming weekend’s Techie Time Class.

And, as always, The Man has pulled a rabbit out of my hat for me! Ta Da!!

Distress Micro Glaze!!

Now I know this has been around for a little while, but we’ve only been able to get it for a few months via Kaszazz…and I am so glad I can! I’ve fallen madly in love with this…and with the bevy of ways to use it! I’m still learning myself, so be prepared you’ll hear more about Distress Micro Glaze from me in the future.

I use my finger to apply when I’m protecting my Distress Ink work. Easier and quicker for me but I understand isn’t the fun way for everyone. But when I’m stamping with Micro Glaze, that’s a different ballgame. I’ll smooth a very teeny, tiny amount (yes, an itsy bitsy teeny tiny amount…honest) on my Non Stick Craft Mat and then apply to my Stamp. I suppose I could use my finger to apply it as well, or should I say instead of….hmmm I’ll try that and see how I go.


I love stamping an image, or background, then using either Dylusions Ink Sprays over the top for some wild, vibrant colour, or my Ink Blend Tool and Pads to calmly set the scene over the top.

Either way, I love the end result!

I’m including a clip from YouTube by Tim Holtz for your viewing pleasure, showcasing Distress Micro Glaze. Enjoy!!

Till Next Time!! xx


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