Techie Tuesday

First off, I am so sorry I overlooked Techie Tuesday last week. The launch of my Business Page overwhelmed and swamped me.

So this week I wanted to Double Dip. Here goes.

The first Technique I wanted to share with you this week is one of my favourites, Die Cutting and Embossing with the Ezy Press (or any Die Cutting/Embossing Roller Machine you happen to have handy). Until I joined Kaszazz myself as an Independent Consultant I hadn’t even heard of Die Cutting and thought Embossing required big $$$$$’s spent on fancy, room hogging equipment and a degree in everything from Engineering to Graphic Design.

Thankfully, I’ve learnt since then. YAY!!

I use my Ezy Press at least three times a week for different projects and I’d be lost now without it. And as Kaszazz has some brilliant, easy to understand and follow videos explaining and showing how to use the Ezy Press, I’m going to be sssssh now and let you watch in peace.

Till Next Time!! xx


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