Keep Calm and Colour with Kaszazz

Now I’ll be the first to admit I’m not a huge Adult Colouring In Fan. But when I do it, I certainly enjoy the time and the end result. But the Keep Calm and Colour Collections Kaszazz has been releasing over the past year have certainly been chipping away at my reluctance to sit down for a half hour or so and simply colour.

I’ll share photos with you next week of some of my attempts, as I’ll have our Watercolour Pencils and a Tim Holtz Water Brush to play with this week. Plus I need to build up on my Packs as I’m now really excited after seeing the newest Animal Packs that were released over the weekend!

What has certainly caught my eye with our existing Keep Calm and Colour range is the quality of the cardstock the images are printed onto plus the variety of ways to use a complete image. I love how there are A4 size images (designed to be framed when completed as in Main Image) as well as smaller Card Size images for creating your own Greeting Cards once you finish colouring.

And I am impressed the Card Sets do include the Cards and Sentiments for you to cut out, attach and use making it an easy, creative introduction into Cardmaking. Especially for those of us who say ‘Oh, but I don’t have a crafting bone in my body’. I know we all say it, or know someone who does. I used to say it myself! In fact, there are times I still do…I just follow instructions just like I follow a recipe to cook or bake!

Do you enjoy colouring in? What sort of designs do you enjoy more than others? What tools do you use when you do colour? I’m going to see how I go and compare colouring with Alcohol Ink Art Markers with using Watercolour Pencils and see how I go.

Would love to hear from you or even see some pictures of your finished projects.

Till Next Time!! xx




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