Samples are fun…really, they are!

As part of my Grand Plan (which is yet to be announced so sssssh) I’ve got a LOAD of Samples to start making up and getting my head around.

Last night I swooped on YouTube to a few trusty Tutorials I love. From the luxurious warmth of our couch, it was a bit icy overnight, to the creative zone in what is formally known as a dining room, I let the magic take hold.

And it did!

I followed the very welcomed advice from Sam at Pootles when doing a mass production run. And I must say, it’s very, very easy to fall into the rhythm. I’ve also got to give Sam all the credit for designing these adorable Boxes that I was making up last night. The lady is amazing and exceptionally talented…and generous to be sharing that talent with the rest of us.

Here’s a few of my made up Samples I’ll be reviewing in the next week or two with The Man. I’m quite chuffed with them, and Boxes are a brilliant way to use Scraps in a really cute and useful manner. Just sayin’.

And if you choose to continue scrolling down, I’ll share the YouTube treasures I ransacked last night myself. Enjoy!

Fold Over Box

Tiny Treat Box

Mini Bag


Rectangle Treat/Candle Box

Till next time!! xx


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