Monster Zombie Mummy Vamp Card – How To…

Yesterday I accepted the Challenge set for a Birthday Card for a certain young gent in the family. This young gentleman likes Zombies, Vampires and Ninjas and the message I got from his Mummy was “Good Luck!”

Well, as I responded, “Isn’t that what Pinterest is for?” and thankfully, Pinterest delivered! Well, my Being Crafty Board certainly did!

Which brings me to today, where I did promise to make a Tutorial on how I made the Monster Zombie Mummy Vamp Card. I loathe writing instructions, but you’re worth it so here goes. Fair warning though, there are a few steps to this…you’ve been warned…hehehe

Supplies you’ll need: *all items are Kaszazz products. Please contact me via email for further information*

  • A5 White Cardstock
  • Chocolate SB Essentials Card (13cm x 9cm)
  • Vanilla SB Essentials Card (15cm x 10cm)
  • Sand SB Essentials Card (15cm x 10cm)
  • White SB Essentials Card (10cm x 10cm)
  • Black SB Essentials Card (10cm x 5cm)
  • Paper Trimmer
  • Paper Distress Tool
  • White Gel Pen
  • Ink Blending Tool
  • Ink Blending Replacement Pads
  • Archival Ink Pad – Potting Soil
  • Archival Ink Pad – Sepia
  • Distress Ink Pad – Vintage Photo
  • Distress Ink Pad – Iced Spruce
  • Alcohol Ink Art Marker – Sand
  • Alcohol Ink Art Marker – Straw
  • Alcohol Ink Art Marker – Clear Blender
  • Alcohol Ink Art Marker – Black
  • Ezy Press
  • Bone Scorer
  • Circle Dies Size 1 & Size 2 (where Size 1 is the Smallest Die)
  • Create-a-Bow Die
  • Glossy Accents
  • Magic Mount
  • Super Tape Double Sided Adhesive 6mm

IMG_2964 (2)

  1. Fold your A5 Card in half and press down with the Bone Scorer to form a sharp fold. Using the Ink Blending Tool, Ink Blend the edges of your Card with the Potting Soil Archival Ink. You want the Ink Blending to be far enough in on the Card so there’ll be no white visible on the front once the Matting is attached. I then used the Sepia Archival Ink and blended just a little bit in different areas, not in any particular fashion.
  2. Use your Paper Distress Tool and distress the edges of the Chocolate SB Essentials Card so it’s looking rough and a little ragged. Ink Blend the edges with Potting Soil Archival Ink.
  3. Tear uneven strips from the Vanilla and Sand SB Essentials Cards to form your ‘bandages’. Save your scraps that are remaining. You’ll need 3 Torn Strips of each colour Card. Use the Ink Blending Tool to blend the edges of your strips with Vintage Photo Distress Ink.
  4. To create the ‘eyes’ fold in half the White and Black SB Essentials Cards and place the #1 Circle Die on the Black, #2 Circle Die on the White, with a scrap of Vanilla SB Essentials sandwiched between the White. Tape to secure if you wish. (I do to be on the safe side!) Crank through the Ezy Press to cut your Dies. (Stack should be Pink Base Plate, Dies, Cards then Blue Cutting Plate)
  5. To create the ‘bow’ at the end of the ‘bandages’ use another piece of scrap Vanilla or Sand SB Essentials (choice is yours) and position over the smaller Bow on the Die. You only need the ‘base’ of the small bow. Crank through the Ezy Press (same Stack as for the Circle Dies) Remove and fold your bow base in half. Use a small amount of Glossy Accents to hold the folds together and set aside to dry.
  6. Colour the White Circles with the Alcohol Ink Art Markers (AIAM), blending the Sand and Straw colours where you feel is appropriate. I find using the Clear Blender AIAM as a finishing touch here and there works for me.

    IMG_2965 (2)

    Eyeball coloured with AIAMs and attached with Magic Mount. Tied Bow also attached.

  7. Take the Vanilla Circle (see step 4) and either cut in the shape of teeth, or use the #1 Circle Die and run through the Ezy Press before cutting in half on the Trimmer. I used the Ezy Press, though both options work in case you don’t have a Die Cutting Machine. Colour in the tips of the ‘teeth’ with a blend of both Straw and Sand AIAMs. Use your Bone Scorer to run under each ‘tooth’ to create a slight curve in each.

    IMG_2965 (3)

    Teeth coloured with AIAMs and attached.        

  8. Use a small amount of Glossy Accents to attach your Black Circles to the now shaded White Circles to create an eye. Set aside to dry.
  9. Scrunch up your bandage strips to give them an ‘aged’ feel and gently unfold. Using the Ink Blending Tool apply a light layer of Iced Spruce Distress Ink over each bandage, especially over the creases. This is to give the bandages a slightly ‘mouldy’ look to suggest they’ve been in unmentionable places for too long. Attach each bandage to the Chocolate SB Essentials ‘mat’  with the Super Tape in an alternating pattern. Add some interest by angling each bandage so as to appear criss crossing at the back. Leave the edges of the bandages a little loose so you can insert an eyeball in your preferred position.
  10. Once you’ve completed attaching bandages, Ink Blend your ‘Bow’ (see step 5) with Vintage Photo and Iced Spruce to ‘blend in’ with the bandages and apply with a drop of Glossy Accents on the side of a bandage. This is to mimic a tied knot.
  11. Position your eyeballs where you’d like them to sit, apply either Super Tape or Magic Mount to the back of each. (I did Super Tape on the eye under the bandage and Magic Mount on the other for some dimension). Remove the backing tape and place on your Card. Once attached, use the White Gel Pen to draw in a little glint. Attach the individual teeth elsewhere on your Card. I popped the top edge under bandages with a small drop of Glossy Accents and waited for them to dry. With the Black AIAM, draw in the eyebrows above the eyes.


Congratulations, you’ve just created your very own Monster Zombie Mummy Vamp Card! I added a small cut triangle for a Party Hat and attached to the corner in keeping with the Birthday theme.

Please share photos if you make this Card up. Would love to see how they look, and would love to hear any feedback as well.

Till next time!! xx



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