Birthday Card Run

It felt super dooper good to get back to the Crafty Side of Life today. I was having withdrawals over the last three days!

And looking in the Diary today I’ve realised the Family Birthday Card Run has pretty much begun. This means there’s virtually no weeks between now and the week before Christmas where there isn’t a Family Birthday somewhere in this Great Southern Land. Just as well I got back to the Crafty Side today!

And this is what I created today!! I’ll Post a Tutorial tomorrow on how to make this one yourself.


Inspired by a Pinterest find

I’ll have to post it in the morning, so sadly it won’t be there for my young Cousin on his Birthday…which happens to be tomorrow. This is what happens when I put too much pressure on myself. At least some of the housework has been done..kinda.

So now, while I’m planning for the next Event here, getting Cards and other items made up to launch into the Market Scene and keep in contact with those who are Near & Dear, I’ve got a number of Cards to make up for Clan Members and have on Stand By! Think I should probably have them labelled ready to send at appropriate dates.

Better get back to it.

Till next time!! xx


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