Cards for the Little People

Some of the most fun I have is creating cards for the nieces, nephews, cousins & friend’s kids. You know how much they like or hate what you’ve made the moment they see it. Thankfully, for the most part, they’ve loved the cards we’ve given them…phew!

It can still be a challenge though to get all the elements right. It’s a process, a table full of trial & error before the magic just happens. Sometimes I know right off what I want to create, other times it’ll come to me over a period of “Nah, not that…” or “Close…just not grabbing me totally” to “Oh Lordy, get a grip!!”

Thankfully The Man & our housemates are used to this ‘chatter’ that goes on when it’s just me crafting…jury’s still out on that being a good or bad thing at the moment.

Back to Kid’s Cards.

Here’s a little taste of the ones that left our house over the last 12 months to various friends & family. I do love the little tuxedo cards we did for our male juniour bridal party members. (Feature Photo) We were able to write a message on the ‘shirt’ which pulled out of the ‘jacket’ at the top.

But all of the cards we sent out last year I have a soft spot for.

Till Next Time!! xx


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