Self Scrap Page Challenge

Scrapping Pages are my White Whale where Papercrafting is concerned. It is a tad tricky though to be an Independent Consultant for Kaszazz & not be keen on scrapping. Slight dilemma.

So I’ve set myself the challange to do one of the Kaszazz pages each fortnight…it’s worked out I’m now doing on average a page a week. Which has surprised me no end, in a pleasant way.

This week I’ve done a page in honour of my late Pop and his Service in the Australian Army. I’ve also been looking forward to using our new ANZAC Stamp (released in January by Kaszazz) somewhere on the page.


The biggest challenge was finding a layout that I feel will do it justice. And with such a variety of ideas out there, I’m of the new-found belief that’s where my White Whale comes into play! But with a little help from The Man, and our brainstorming session I’ve come up with a layout I like…a lot.

It took nearly all day to work it all out, but the end result is something I am proud to share with my Family. Not too sure my Uncle is going to be impressed with seeing a photo of a young version of himself on there, but his daughter loves it! I’ll just avoid calling him for a few weeks just to be safe.

At the end of the day I’ve fulfilled the brief I set for myself. That’s the main thing.

Lest We Forget  xxx

IMG_2831 (2)






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