Techie Tuesday

Welcome to the first “Techie Tuesday” post!

I know my Shadow Stamping Technique post went out on Monday (Qld Local Time); my Techie Tuesday brainchild didn’t appear until afterwards more’s the pity. Oh well, onward and upward!

Today I want to share with you a Technique I’ve long admired and was happy to keep it that way until yesterday. CraftyCANBlog & you have made me step outside that comfort zone and face my fears/uncertainty head on..THANK YOU!

As I was saying, I’ve long admired Stamped Acetate/Plastic Sheeting, and have made some cards myself using the Plastic Sheeting (by Kaszazz) though none of them have included stamped images. Yesterday saw me devouring (yes literally in my pj’s, coffee in hand devouring) YouTube tutorials on different ways to use Acetate/Plastic Sheets in my Cards, Scrap Pages and beyond. Today I’d love to share one of these with you.

I actually watched this one with Mum while she was here a few weeks ago. I know she’s recently trialled this technique herself at home, so thought yesterday ‘If she can, I should’. Plus, after making my new Lightbox I’ve got some white tissue paper around to use…finally. This Technique is Window Sheets; I’m thinking more for cards, but you are only ever limited by your own imagination.

Here’s my versions freshly made & dried.

IMG_2778 (2)

It did take a little while for it to settle down and dry out to a level I was happy to touch again. The Man was quite taken by this one actually. I’ve used Dylusion Spray Inks with Glossy Accents & Perfect Pearls for a little extra shimmer. For my stamp I’ve used Stayz On Opaque Cotton White, but I haven’t had much success with it. I’ll leave that until Mum is up again to give me a few pointers face to face. My Plastic Sheet is 10cm x 10cm then mounted. This will certainly be appearing in my Tech Journal!

And here is the inspiration behind my playtime.

Have you tried this Technique yourself? Would you like to? Could you use it on Scrap Pages? Would love to hear what your thoughts are.

Till Next Time!! xx



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