Lightbox Play…the good, bad and downright wrong.

I must admit I am loving the DIY Lightbox I made up over the weekend. The difference it makes to my photos is outstanding…the same can’t be said about the process of reaching the outstanding. Yep, Operator Error is becoming a phrase I’m comfortable with for the whole of a minute.

Thank goodness one of our Housemates is also into his hobby photography, and is a little more serious about having the equipment my budget dreams of allowing me to possess one of these days. Long story short, he’s been a pseudo tutor for me, and one of his more recent ‘shares’ has been the picture I’m sharing now. Today it saved my bacon again when I was getting frustrated…and once again having this on my phone saved my limited sanity and goldfish memory.


So today I thought I’d share with you the good, bad and downright wrong image attempts I’ve been playing around with the past two days. May my incompetance give you hope and encourage you to continue on your own journey…and provide a good laugh at the same time. You can thank my many, and varied attempts at photographing Plastic Sheeting today for this post.

Enough from me today, grab a cuppa, sit back and enjoy a good laugh…just don’t choke!!

Till Next Time!! xx


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