Shadow Stamping Technique

I love this technique and have since I accidently stumbled across it last year. I unintentionally used it without knowing what I was doing and fell head over heels. The affair has continued on since then.

Today I’d like to share with you three different versions of this one technique. Each has it’s own appeal and will suit different projects more than others. It also depends on which you like to use as well. Personally I am a fan of the third style probably as this is the one I stumbled upon many moons ago.

Powder Embossing Shadow Stamping

I do love the end result of this style. I found this tutorial from DawnsStampingThoughts brilliant in explaining how to.



Multi Coloured Shadow Stamping

I don’t have a Misti myself, so I always use the largest stamping block I own. Either way, this style can be done with very little frustration.

For this style of Shadow Stamping I’m sharing two different tutorials as each is great at showing how to do this with a Misti, but also explains nicely how to do this with an arcrylic block (as I do).



Solid Stamp Single Colour Shadow Stamping

This is my personal favourite only as I mentioned earlier, it’s he style I accidently stumbled upon to begin with. Doing this Blog has made me realise how little I use this technique though, so am going to address that during the week.

The tutorial here from Ranger Ink is excellent for learning this one yourself.


Hope these videos have helped explain each Technique and provided you with some inspiration for your own projects.

Till Next Time!! xx


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