One thing I’ve missed by not living in Victoria (Australia) is the change of Seasons…we really don’t get too much of a gradual change from our Summer to Winter to Summer cycle. More’s the pity.

That said, I do enjoy the more temperate days and cooler nights that have been rolling in over the last two weeks of April. And in my mind, today kicks off our run into Winter & layering clothes.

For us in South East Queensland it also means (again!) a Public Holiday/Long Weekend to celebrate Labour Day tomorrow.


So, while the wet weather has made itself at home, and most are away for the weekend, The Man & I have been chilling at home, watching some of our favourite TV shows on DVD and generally enjoying the cooler, wet weather we’ve been blessed with.

Tomorrow, despite the PH, The Man will be working for a few hours in the morning, while I’ll be making up more Samples, Birthday Cards and the like to get through the next month or so of celebrations within The Clan.

How do you like to enjoy long weekends?

Till Next Time!! xx



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