DIY Light Box for Card Photos

I’m researching the idea of marketing my card creations online, but one thing I know for sure is my photos of cards needs to be brilliant and clean. And what’s the best way to achieve this result that I’m chasing? A light box, but of course.

Now I’m watching the $$$’s so spending any money on anything IF there’s a DIY alternative is quickly turning into a painful experience. I had an inkling a light box would be one of those times so off to Pinterest I went on the hunt of a tutorial I could follow easily enough, was inexpensive and effective all rolled into one.

Did I find it? You bet!!

And so this afternoon it was a quick trip to our local newsagent for some supplies, tissue  paper and white poser size card. Thank goodness my most recent Kaszazz order came in a large box, as I’ve now upcycled that box and followed the awesome tutorial from this morning by Flax & Twine. (Click “Flax & Twine to visit the tutorial) Well worth the investment of $4.60 I’ve got to admit. It did take me about close to half and hour to cut, trim, attach and position my new Light Box correctly, though I did have to stretch the knees a little between panels.

Here’s some examples of the same card with & without the latest addition to my ‘stash’.

Till Next Time….I’m off for a Nanna Nap I’m thinking. xx


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