Samples Day

I’m smack bang in the middle of a Class weekend, which means I try to avoid big projects for myself, getting Class items gathered and ready for the ladies and throw in a little work on either samples or polish up on my own techniques.

Yesterday saw a mixture of all of the above…lol…as one of my samples required a bit of revision for dry embossing with one of my stencils, as well as using my new 2 Way Star Die for both cutting & embossing.


Dry Embossing Chevron Stencil for the background, Die Cutting & Embossing of stars for the feature. All cardstock used via Kaszazz

And as The Man was at work, I only had a small window of opportunity to work on one particular sample, you guessed it the one with the most technique revision attached. Always the way isn’t it?

I’m trying to design the invites for his milestone birthday party/New Year’s Eve party (we’re doing both at once…confusing? You bet!) which should be a lot of fun. Well that’s the idea, and The Man has certainly added to the fun by announcing he wants a costume party with people dressing up to suit the decade of The Great War. (1910-1920).

And this is Examples #1 & #2…slight variation in colours and layout. I just don’t feel it’s ‘fancy’ enough for a NYE party as well. But for a first attempt, and given the small window of opportunity, I’m actually impressed with my artistry.

What do you think? Which one, if any, would you be excited to recieve in the mail if you were expecting one? Or perhaps you have a suggestion of another design, or different elements I can incorporate into this one? If so, please let me know!! I’ve still got a good seven months up my sleeve, but invites will need to be out of the house in five months at the latest. No pressure.

And before I buzz off and run around like a headless chook as I’m sure I’m forgetting something while setting up for Sunday morning…HAVE AN AWESOME LONG WEEKEND!! Labour Day Weekend for us in Queensland on Monday…YIPPEEEE!!

love lw

Till next time!! xx



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