Sad Cards to make

One of the hardest group of cards I’ve found to make, for me personally, are Sympathy/Condolence Cards. I know the whole Circle of Life…and I love doing cards for all the other celebrations in our lives, but those for family members when a loved one has passed are difficult to do.

This month alone I’ve created four different cards for friends and co-workers. Just the other week I did two for one family…the son who is a dear friend; the other for his aunt who works with The Man. The discussions that were going on here while I attempted to come up with some respectful designs that wouldn’t be too stark, depressing or morbid. There’s a good reason why The Man shouldn’t be involved in any of the decision making process I’ve decided. His ideas of a respectful condolence card and mine are poles apart.

He has since come to understand why I insisted on certain elements though…the reactions from the ladies at work with the card for his co-worker sealed the deal. So now, where these type of cards are concerned, I’ve got free reign….bugger.

Overnight another of The Man’s co-workers lost a close family member…so before I got down to cooking dinner and doing up my samples for the weekend’s Class, I pulled a few things together and created this little sweetie.


I’ve used plain White Cardstock for the base as well as for the feature piece. I ran the feature through the Ezy-Press inside the Roses Embossing Folder before trimming down to size. I’ve now got a gorgeous little white Roses strip to use for something else. I’ve then attached the Black Organza Ribbon across the front of the feature piece, attaching with Double Sided Tape. The Stamped Sentiment was trimmed to fit over the top of the ribbon to complete the look.


I then thought it was lacking something….but I draw the line at ink blending the edges with black ink; too depressing/morbid. Then while I was turning the chicken for dinner I had a “Lightbulb” moment (yes I’m a fan of Despicable Me) and quickly added some Distress Stain in Pewter around the edges of the card as well as around the attached sentiment on the inside.


Probably as I’ve made so many recently this was a quick and easy one to pull together…was finished before the chicken fillets. Am now considering, as I mentioned to my Mum last week, of making a few up and storing them with the vain hope none will be needed for awhile.

Fingers crossed this will be the last of the Condolence Cards for awhile. Hope so.

Till next time! xx



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