Introducing Kaszazz’s Ezy Press

I’ll just say straight up, I LOVE my Ezy Press.

Until 18 months ago I had no idea what on earth a Die Cutter/Embossing Machine was. Totally clueless…until it came to looking at wedding invitations and the options for doing them ourselves. Oh, and the fact I was getting one when I joined Kaszazz as an Independent Consultant; thanks to my Mum who gifted my Consultancy to me.

In the time since, I’ve found it to be super easy to use, light to carry when I need it to travel, compact to pack away (for those rare occassions our kitchen table is used for dinner guests) as well as being multi tasking. I’ve now had the opportunity to compare my Ezy Press with some of the other Brands out there in the market, and while those Brands are certainly more popular (given how many are out there!) I’m not sold on them after using this machine. The biggest features that have cinched my loyality are the storage features as well as being compact when not in use.

But don’t take my word for it…well you can and I won’t mind if you do truth be told; though I would like to show off some of the YouTube videos highlighting the Ezy Press so you can be unbiased and decide for yourself. Sound fair?






For me this is a gem of a tool to work with and has certainly aided me in improving my Skill Set over the last year and a bit. I understand we’re all loyal to a certain machine or brand, which is fantastic! Hopefully these videos explain just slightly why I’m an Ezy Press Crafter through and through.

Till next time!! xx


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