Cute Owl’s

Kaszazz has a gorgeous Owl Stamp that I love playing with. My Mum actually included him in my Christmas pressie last year, and I’ve been putting my Big Al Stamp (4419KH) to good use.

The inspiration for creating these Cute Owl Cards was my Cousin’s birthday last year. I was just playing around and thought how cute would it be to Die Cut some Circles for eyes and add them to the Stamped Image? When the guys in our house all commented with “Ok, that’s dang cute” Cute Owl’s came to be.

As my Cousin & her Hubby both celebrate their birthdays on the same week, I thought it would be corny cute to make them both a Cute Owl card….and so I did.

Original Cute Owls

The response on my Facebook page (CANKaszazz) was rather convincing, and the ladies of my Monthly Class all expressed an interest in learning how to create these cards for themselves. Which got me to cracking down and writing the instructions. Now I want to make one thing clear here; I loathe writing instructions! I love creating, I love following others instructions and projects…I just find it really tricky to put into words on paper (ok on a computer screen truth be told) to explain how I’ve created something in the first place. So for me to agree to sit down and do instructions the rubber arm really needs to be twisted…big time!

Cute Owls

Cute Owls recreated during Class

One of the things I love with the Cute Owl’s is the use of scraps in such a pretty way! To create the cover you don’t need much materials wise. I’ve used the Kaszazz Create a Bow Die to cut out a little bow for each card, using scraps to compliment the embossed background and stamped image colour. Scarps of black & white cardstock is enough to use te smallest two circle dies to create the eyes, with a little touch of white gel pen to add that glint we all find so adorable.

The options for these cards are limitless, which is part of the appeal I guess. These suit adults and children alike….for birthdays, get well soon, celebrations…depends on the sentiment you add on the inside.

Will have to organise another class for these in the not too distant future.

Hope you enjoy my Cute Owls as much as I do.

Till next time…xxx




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