Mother’s Day Cards

I love Mother’s Day. It’s an opportunity to show Mum just how much we love her, to show my Gran how much she’s valued and loved by us all and to just celebrate the inspiring women in my life who’ve shaped a great deal of the person I am one way or the other.

This year I’ve incorporated a number of new techniques I’ve been learning in the last month or two into the cards I’ve made up for my Mum, The Man’s Mum and for my Gran. And I’m rather impressed with the end results. I’ll also add, it’s really tricky to come up with something ‘special’ when your Mum is a Kaszazz Consultant/Team Leader and visiting you while you’re attempting to figure out how to design her card. First World Problem.

But I think I’ve nailed it! We’ll find out in a fortnight when it’s Mother’s Day here in Australia.

One of the new techniques I’ve learnt lately has been ‘smooshing’. Have you heard of it? To be honest I consider it to be another way of using Distress Ink Pads as Watercolours, though the techniques are different. The main things are: a) they look amazing; b) are super messy and c) a world of fun to create!

I am in love with the Tim Holtz Distress Ink Pads (via Kaszazz naturally) for a number of reasons. The amazing colours, the different applications and how much mess I can create in the process! C’mon, who doesn’t enjoy a little mess every now and then? Extra bonus, these inks are super dooper easy to clean up when you finish…perfect for the Lazy Domestic Goddess within me.

I’m still discovering and refining my ‘smooshing’ technique, but thought I’d share with you the colours I’ve used in this one card. I love how everything’s worked together so well, and used up some of my paper scraps in such a lovely way. Bonus!

Watercolour Smooshing with Distress Ink Pads

I’ve used Kaszazz’s A6 Watercolour Cardstock (5342) as I’ve found the end result is a lot neater and polished. In the bottom right of the card I’ve used Seedless Preserves Distress Ink Pad (TIM32847) with Picked Raspberry Distress Ink Pad (TIM34995) for the bottom left corner. The middle area (over the Black Embossed Stamp) is coloured with one of the new January releases this year, Wilted Violet Distress Ink Pad (TIM43263). Then with a little extra water and smearing/smooshing I’ve managed to create something quite beautiful.

I allowed this one to dry overnight before I trimmed the edges and mounted on the cardfront with the Binding Ribbon & Paper Flower to ‘finish’ it all off. I could’ve dried it all quicker with my Heat Tool, but was feeling tired and lazy as it was late at night when I started. That’s what I get for being a night owl I guess.

I’m including the links to the YouTube videos I found to be the most enjoyable and informative for myself when it came to discovering and learning how to smoosh. My hope is you will find these to be the same for yourself, or at least be a launching pad to finding some that work for you. Either way, credit where credit is due.

This first one is from Kari at  KWCardDesign

I found this one to be really easy to follow and learn from.

The second YouTube tutorial I found great for me was from Michelle at The Alleyway Stamps


Again really easy to follow and learn from. Sadly The Alley Way Stamps blog is no more…but their spirit lives on.

Hope you’ve enjoyed, and possibly been inspired, to try out smooshing yourself, or to get stuck in and create your own Mother’s Day cards while you’ve still got some time up your sleeve. If you’d like to order any of the items I’ve used in my own featured card, please contact me to find out more.

Till next time! xx


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