How CraftyCAN came to be


I’ve chosen to start the CraftyCAN Blog to share with the World, or more realistically with those with distinctive taste, who stop by and follow my journey into the weird and wonderful world of Papercraft.

And it is weird…and wonderful; frustrating, rewarding…the list goes on and on.

And you can blame my Mum for it all! She’s the one who actually piqued my interest a little while ago. And then she ‘gifted’ me my very own Kaszazz Consultancy so I could create our wedding invites and save some dollars at the same time. Isn’t it amazing how wedding planning brings out the Martha Stewart in many of us?

Well, needless to say, my interest/skill set/addiction has developed from then. And here we are.

Why the CAN? Ah, that one you can blame The Man…my married initials are CAN. And it suits my attitude to most things I stumble across. Of course I CAN…corny? You bet!

So stay tuned as you join me (IF you choose to come back of course) as I tackle my personal White Whale, Scrap Pages, offer up hints & tips I’ve learnt or stumbled across along the way, show off the latest Projects released by Kaszazz and my attempts at recreating them. Plus so much more. Now to work out what the ‘more’ shall be, but I’m confident together we will make that happen.

Till next time…Happy Scrapping!





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